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Is it possible to have inner peace in our world today?

Oct 21, 2022

Welcome back to the fourth instalment of the Inner peace series. In the last three editions, I talked about

1.      What inner peace looks like when you have it and delved into the

2.      3 things that steal your inner peace every day without you even knowing and just

3.      Why is it important to have inner peace.

Today I will talk about what most of you may be wondering:

‘Is it possible to have inner peace in our world today?’

Great question, and a very relevant one (if you live in the UK, you will know what I mean😉🤯)

The answer is, of course, it is. Inner peace, as the name suggests, has nothing to do with the outside world. It is totally to do with your inner state.

I get it though, it is hard.

Everywhere you look from the moment you wake up, you are faced with something that is trying to compete for your attention. Social media, the kids, work, people, the news, politics etc.

Nothing on the outside can affect your inner state without your permission!


You see the media, the news, newspapers etc. are designed to distract us and put us in fear because when you are in fear, you can make irrational decisions (as you won't have access to your logical brain in a state of fear) and that often works in favour of companies who are selling products (e.g. Pharmaceutical companies).

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They want you to be in fear so you cannot think for yourself because if you do the chances are you will make a different decision.💡



You see, you have the power to choose the thoughts you focus on!😮💥

Let that sink in!

Your thoughts will affect how you feel and as a result how you respond or react to the outside world and. Your response or reaction will ultimately determine the decisions you make and the outcome you experience.

Most people find this hard because it requires a certain amount of awareness, a lot of practice and mental mastery.

A prime example of someone who managed to do this is Victor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist who wrote the book Man’s search for meaning.

He was kept in German concentration camps for 2 years during WWII and despite seeing his spouse, friends and parents being killed right before his eyes, he managed to survive because he had a clear purpose and learned to manage/focus his mind on getting out. He was able to finish the transcript of his book and his method of logotherapy which is based on the premise that the primary motivational force of an individual is to find meaning in life.

Recently, I too had the opportunity to practice being in my inner peace whilst travelling to Turkey despite the series of events that transpired during my journey 😅.

You can listen to Ian and I talk about this in great detail on this week’s podcast Episode (62) here. 

Watch out for the next and final instalment of the inner peace series coming soon…

How do we find inner peace?

Until next time…

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