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Episode 62 - Is it possible to have inner peace in our world today?

Of course, it is. Inner peace has nothing to do with the outside world. It is totally to do with your inner state.

I get it, most people find this hard, and it requires a certain amount of awareness and mental mastery to do this. The world we live in right now is designed to distract us, and put us in fear because when we are in fear we can make irrational decisions and that could work in favour of companies who are selling products. They want us to be in fear so we cannot think for ourselves.

You have the power to choose the thoughts you focus on which will affect how you feel and how you respond/react to the outside world.

In today's episode, I talked extensively about how my recent journey to Turkey was the perfect test for me to practice and embody having inner peace during an unexpected series of events that resulted in my missing my connecting flight.

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