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One thing that makes you so powerful and you don't even take advantage of it!

Jul 01, 2022

“I am a lost cause,” she said!

“I am afraid, I can’t be helped” she continued…

“You are right,” I said. “I can’t help you”

“I can’t help you until you decide that you want to be helped!!!”🎤🤯

She was too busy self-sabotaging, talking down to herself, and judging herself because she is not where she wants to be in life…

She hadn’t realised how powerful she actually is.

How powerful her own mind is and how it rules her life.

She thought she hadn’t got the discipline to stick to things to create what she wants

She hadn’t realised how good she had been sticking to this ONE decision she made about herself to create where she is now!!! 🤯🤯🤯

In what area have you been letting one decision rule your life so far?

You see, she, at whatever time in her life, decided in her own mind that she cannot be helped (because she is not worthy, she can’t change, it is hard etc.)!

And since then, nothing or no one could help her. She is stuck where she is, and only because her thinking is stuck at one point in life. This is called a belief.

Abraham Hicks says: ‘A belief is a thought you continue to think’…

…actually, a belief is a thought we no longer have to think about, we don’t even question, we automatically act upon, and embody it all day, every day without even knowing!

Yes, that one thing that makes you so powerful is your mind!

More specifically your subconscious mind and this is a great example of how powerful it is.

If you are like most people I work with, the chances are you too didn't realise until now how powerful your mind is, because most of your life it has been working against you. It almost became your enemy.

Listen, your brain fits your external reality to the beliefs you hold. The beliefs you hold are essentially the decisions you made about yourself based on some experiences and interpretations of those experiences at an early age (3-6) before you can start to think for yourself. Once you form this belief you create stories about yourself and your life... and you take all your decisions based on that one belief about yourself without even realising. 

this is why it is so important to question your beliefs.

Do you want to know what your beliefs are? Just look at your life now. Just look at what you created.

Do you want to create something different? Then it is now obvious you need to change something!

It is probably even more obvious that thing is not something external!

This is what I spoke extensively about in yesterday’s Masterclass, Nothing Changes Until YOU Do!

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You can listen to Ian and I talk about this topic on this week’s Podcast Episode here.

Until next time…

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