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Episode 46 - One thing that makes you so powerful and you don't even take advantage of it!

In this episode, we talk about how powerful we are and the very thing that makes us so powerful: That is our ability to make a decision and stick to it- the power of our mind.

Your brain fits your external reality to the beliefs you hold. The beliefs you hold are essentially the decisions you made about yourself based on some experiences and interpretations of those experiences at an early age (3-6) before you can start to think for yourself. Once you form this belief you create stories about yourself and your life... and you take all your decisions based on that one belief about yourself without even realising. 

this is why it is so important to question your beliefs. Do you want to know what your beliefs are? Just look at your life now. Just look at what you created. All of that was created based on what you believe about yourself and about the world.

And it is now obvious if you want to create something different, you need to change something. yes, you guessed it, YOU.

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