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How important is it to have the right mindset to sustain a happy life?

Nov 11, 2022

Some might say, it is not important or necessary, it is just the cherry on the cake!🍰

Others might say, the mindset has nothing to do with the sustainability of the planet or life...

I disagree!

You see, if you knew that everything you create in your external reality has first been created in your mind, would you still think it is the cherry on the cake?💥😮

It might seem like it when everything is going great (aka you are living on autopilot),


What if you asked a person who just beat cancer and was given a new lease of life through sheer determination and the power of the mind over matter?

What if you asked a mother who just had a premature baby (<37 weeks)?– Is having a great mindset a cherry on the cake, or a necessity? (I know it is the latter because my son was born at just 28 weeks and the only reason he came home safely was that his daddy and I were able to keep going despite all the outside negativity because of our mindset!)

What if you asked JK Rowling who kept going despite being rejected by so many publishers before she had her ‘lucky’ break with Harry Potter, the series has sold over 500 million copies, and been translated into at least 70 languages. Do you think her mindset was absolutely necessary or just a cherry on the cake?

I think it is obvious to you by now what the answer is! ðŸ˜‰

Most people take what they have for granted until they lose it.

Don't let your mind/mindset be one of those things, because the fact that you are able to live happily, create great things in life, and have wonderful friendships are all down to your mindset.

If you, however, are constantly living in head chaos, reacting to everything in the outside world and being taken over by fear often...

then it is also down to your mindset!

Now that you know how important it is to have the right mindset,

I invite you to Master Your Mindset and Learn to Stop Living in Chaos Now

with the Serenity Method™

in my brand new FREE 5-day experience starting November 21st!

By the end of this 5-day experience, you will:

✅ Get to find and create time for YOU and finally recognise that this IS what's most important!

✅ Be bolder and more confident about getting out of your comfort zone

✅ Have the courage to discover and claim what you want in life

This is what the experience looks like- you will get:

✅ A 10-minute video each day (Monday 21st - Thursday 24th) with at least one thing to implement to stop living in chaos now

✅ A Live Masterclass on Friday 25th to bring it all together

✅ A Live Q&A Call on Monday 28th for you to ask me anything once you had a chance to watch all the videos!


✅ A BONUS Live Gratitude meditation on Thanksgiving -Thursday 24th

You will love this experience because

😍 it'll give you the freedom to choose when you watch the 10-minute videos

😍 It'll give you the chance to interact with other like-minded women who share the same experiences as you

😍 It'll give you at least ONE thing you can implement each day and see a difference immediately!

Join the FREE 5-Day Experience Here 

Invite your friends and anyone who needs this too.

You can listen to Ian and I talk about this in great detail on this week’s podcast Episode (65) here. 

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Until next time…

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