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Episode 65- How important is it to have the right mindset to sustain a happy life?

How important is it to have the right mindset to sustain a happy life?

Some might say, it is not necessary, it is just the cherry on the cake!

Others might say, the mindset has nothing to do with the sustainability of the planet or life...

I disagree!

You see, if you knew that everything you create in your external reality has first been created in your mind, would you still think it is the cherry on the cake?

Most people take what they have for granted until they lose it. Don't let your mind/mindset be one of those things, because, the fact that you are able to live happily, create great things in life, and have wonderful friendships are all down to your mindset and so is the opposite of all!

Now that you know how important it is to have the right mindset,

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