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Congratulations if your teenage child did NOT get the result they expected in their GCSEs or A levels!

Aug 26, 2022

Yes, you heard that right!

Congratulations, because you and your child are now presented with a great opportunity!

You might think I am crazy but hear me out!

Right now you have one of 2 choices:

1. You can choose to feel disappointed and feel like this is the end of the world (you probably will do for a bit) or

2. You can go deeper and discover where the opportunity actually lies!

You see, as you are only human, you will naturally choose option 1, but it is those who can move to option 2 quickly, who are going to change their lives.

However, if you are like most people, the chances are you’ll never move to option 2, instead…

You (and your child) likely will continue to dwell on what the results mean about her, how good (or not, as the case may be) she is, how her life is now ruined etc… and, as result, will continue to suffer!

I am sure you can relate. There are 3 reasons why most people will never move to option 2 and as a result, stay unconsciously committed to struggling:

1. You are conditioned to compare yourself to others based on standards set by society: but what you don’t realise is you are essentially associating your own worthiness to your results (in this case in an exam- which really only measures how good you are at retaining information on a given subject!)- You never ponder what you really matter!🀨

2.  You constantly focus on what you lack not what you already have!😟

3.  By constantly focusing on what you lack, you continue to re-create it πŸ™„

So, the unhelpful, vicious loop of struggle and suffering continues!

As you already realised, this doesn’t just apply to exam results. It is a lifetime of habit you continue to repeat, and it becomes your unconscious identity.

And THAT rules your life, whether you like it or not.

It is time to break that cycle!

With the results your child got today (or you have got) you are presented with an opportunity to break this cycle and change your life and hers!

Allow them to have their own experience of pain at first, as they naturally will…

But then remind the why you love them and focus on the results they DID get and what they can do with this!

One day you will both realise that this is the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

You can listen to Ian and I talk about this topic in a bit more detail on this week’s podcast Episode (54) here. 

If you would like to break the unhelpful cycle of your subconscious identity ruling your life, then get in touch with me now.

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Until next time…

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