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Episode 84 - All roads lead to burnout when you constantly make these 4 mistakes!

This episode is the last of 3 episodes on the topic of burnout.

Today, we are talking about the most common mistakes a high-achieving professional woman makes in order to solve the problems they suffer from. For these go back to episode 2.

Here are the most common mistakes you make, without realising, that lead to further frustration.

You tried

❌ Gaining more control by planning more, doing more and giving more to others

❌ Learning more, working harder/faster/longer yet still doubting your worthiness

❌ Hoping and praying things will change when everything/everyone else will change (I will do it when…I will be happy when…), when really means, never!

❌ Asking everyone else for their opinion, making sure everyone else is happy… but you end up unhappy inside! (asking for the answers outside of yourself)

Nothing has worked!

That's because you are trying to 'fix' the problem rather than eliminate it by dealing with the root cause🤯

The good news is that if you've made it this far you are in the right place.

I am going to reveal the true root cause of all the problems I talked about in Episode 82 (burnout series 1) in my free live training on March 29th at 12.00 pm BST

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