Get out of the constant burnout cycle and move to Ultimate Serenity 

with the Serenity Method™ 

Just imagine...

✅ Being Calm, Happy, Joyful, Rested & Present

✅ Saying goodbye to overwhelm & burnout for good

✅ Having a fulfilled life with purpose & the ultimate work/life balance  

... despite the constant chaos outside of you

You can but only when you 

✅ Know YOUR own value & self-worth

✅ Are clear on YOUR vision & values

✅ Have a clear process to stop the self-sabotage you might be constantly battling with 

Listen, you often burnout not because you are doing a lot, but you might be doing the wrong things!

Join me live on March 29th at 12 pm BST and discover how to stop the burnout cycle once and for all with the Serenity Method™ 


This Training Is For You If You Are

A time-poor high achieving professional woman who is:

😫 Feeling overworked, overbooked 

😫 Neglecting your own needs 

😫 Heading towards yet another burnt-out, 

because you might be:

🙋‍♀️ Trying to control everything & take care of others

🙋‍♀️ Afraid of being rejected & judged by others

🙋‍♀️ Afraid of saying no & setting boundaries


It is also for you if you

😕 Feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

😕 Keep chasing one achievement after another just to feel fulfilled... and fail,

😕 Can’t seem to stick to your goals because of all the...circumstances!


It's time to STOP seeking peace & happiness outside of yourself!

... because as you already know, it is already within you.

and you will learn how to access it easily with with the Serenity Method™  

Join me LIVE on March 29th at 12.00 pm BST for a life-changing FREETraining



If you are like most people I work with & said YES to at least ONE of the above...

The chances are you too have turned into an

'overwhelmed people pleaser' 

and as you already know you cannot help anyone else.
Until you learn to look after your own needs first

I get it, I have been there and I can help you change it.

Register now for this life-changing free training to learn the proven method that has changed my life and life of many others!




❌ Living the perfect life and don’t want to change 

❌ More committed to staying in your comfort zone and struggling through life, even though it is hurting you

 Would rather keep chasing achievement, titles and success to fill the gap inside than do the inner work to deal with the real cause


In this Training you'll learn

❓ What causes you to constantly react to the outside world and seek external validation

❓ What you can change now to stop living this way

❓ How you can grow and develop quicker by being in your peace


By the end of this Training you'll know:

✅ The Principles that lead to start living in Serenity

✅ The Process that leads to leaving self-sabotage behind

✅ How to start living your life from your purpose as a 'Heart Centered-Creator'

You see, you might have accepted living in constant burnout as a new normal without even realising it!

Reserve your seat now to discover what causes you to live in this state and more importantly, how to stop it now!


Meet Your Host Dr Tülay Massey

Hi I'm Dr Tülay Massey

I know what it feels like to live in Chaos and I have finally found Serenity.

I am now on a mission to help time-poor high achieving women like you

❤️ let go of the people-pleasing, perfectionism and control…

❤️ Find your 'Purpose, meaning and self-worth’ and

❤️ Step into the purposeful 'Heart-Centred Creators' that you are!

Because when you become the 'Heart-Centered Creator' of your own life you will 

✅ Align with your purpose to find inner peace, joy and happiness in everything you do. 

✅ Be able to create time for yourself and those that are important to you

✅ Have a fulfilled life with balance, meaning and Purpose and finally find Serenity!

In this LIVE Training I will reveal the full framework of how to go from living in chaos to finding Serenity by becoming a 'Heart-Centered Creator' of your own life.

You will discover how I found my way out of frustration and despair and manage to live in Serenity during the most chaotic times by using this unique and proven Method!

By the end of this training, you will be excited by the possibilities that are open to you and ready to make a change...


"I don't even recognize myself when I look in the mirror. I look and feel like a different person. I know what I want in life. In the last year alone I was able to finish a lot of things I haven't dealt with in the last few years. My life is a lot easier because I don't focus on things that I can't influence. I don't waste my energy on things outside of my control. Instead I focus my mind on achieving my goals. I`ve learnt how to love myself and I know my value. I feel lighter, now, that I don't carry the weight of the whole world. I finally found peace. "

Hygiene Specialist

"I am a million times calmer and more relaxed, starting to enjoy my life and have a bit more fun! I am definitely more relaxed with my children and have given them back responsibility for their emotions, problems etc, supporting them to make their own choices. I am more aware now of my choices and choosing what to focus on. I feel more confident within myself and only need to remind myself and reward myself for what I achieve, no longer looking for that external validation. "

CEO at GIla Archer Pilates

"Before I started coaching with Tülay, I was confused and losing focus.  I was struggling to accept that my priorities and identity had changed - I kept looking for the next challenge/qualification/ project/job without stepping back to consider where these were leading, because I could not see that goal clearly. I was struggling with clarity on career choices and how to maintain work/life balance, I was so focussed on the mechanics and ‘the how’ that I was losing sight of my vision. Now I feel much calmer, content and at peace. I am better at laying down boundaries.  The biggest change is clarity of my goal and my commitment to it and accepting that the rest is just details. Also knowing that if I remain focused on my goal, the universe will provide, and that is where fulfilment actually lies - not the places I was looking in before. "

Marketing Director

"Working with Tülay enabled me to ask myself the right questions and today I can say that I have faith in myself. My decisions and my choices are based on positive inputs and that´s huge! I am on my way to creating the life I dream of, and I enjoy the journey. By having a deep self-reflection through your programme, I found my peace and my faith in myself again"

CEO & Entrepreneur

"I sought Tülay’s advice primarily to achieve a more balanced life. After a few focused sessions and great material, it became crystal clear to me what my driving forces and priorities were. Straight talking, practical and, above all, warm and caring! This is what to expect from Tülay’s coaching."

Technology Specialist

"Now I act with a clearer vision in mind As a result of that I am clearer and more in touch with my intuition - clarifying what I feel + think, acting on it. I have become much better at detecting the patterns which stole energy, focus and confidence and am little by little more and more able to switch the dynamic into positive more enabling patterns. I can now easily see when they happen and act on it Tülay is very kind, supportive and very natural to talk to. At the same time, she will stop and guide you, where necessary.  The tools she uses are really worthwhile and will guide the person endeavouring the coaching to the right places to identify their vision and what enables them to get there. The approach of Theory (which she explains in her model), homework to reflect and coaching calls to discuss works very well"

Marketing Manager

""My soul has officially returned back into my body. I'm just the happiest person in the world right now. Before I started coaching with Tülay I felt like I didn’t have the time or the energy to do the things that brought me joy. The stories I kept telling myself were holding me back and keeping me trapped. I felt like I had lost touch with who I was, what I was doing, and what my purpose was. I was in a soul-sucking job that made me miserable. In the second week of coaching with Tülay, I left that job and now I just feel great. Feel like nothing else matters now. The world is my oyster. I feel like I'm back to myself. When I finally got back the time to do what I wanted to do (being in nature) I reconnected with the things I love to do and that bring me joy. I dealt with health issues all my life and now that I changed my beliefs around that and back to my authentic self, I know my healing is much more possible. I don't necessarily have a huge plan but I have a very clear vision and the creativity to realize that vision. Moving forward, I totally believe I can create whatever I want. My biggest realization was that I am the creator of my own life. I'm not afraid of the uncertainty of the future, it just feels exciting because I know I can just sculpt whatever I want. I really appreciated Tülay’s ability to look at my stories and see through things and reflect it directly back at me in such a straight and honest way. I also appreciated her support during my time of need. I recommend Tülay’s coaching to anyone who needs the support to get out of their old stories and live a life of possibilities"."

CEO & Founder at Rivers For Change

"Tülay is really easy to talk to. She listened to my story and my beliefs, without judging. Her experience and examples really resonated with me and made me think. She is such a bubbly and positive person! She always sees the possibilities and the bright side of every situation. I always left the sessions feeling proud and refreshed. As a result of her coaching, I found my true self and it is really liberating!"

Technology Specialist & Platform Lead

You see, I helped many highly intelligent and educated women like you

🛑 Stop doubting your every word, every move and decision and trust yourself more💥

When we finish working together...

😟 You'll stop worrying about what other people think of you when you say no to their unreasonable requests.

😍 You'll enjoy making decisions that feel good to you.

🛑 You’ll stop putting off what you need to do and feel better for it physically and mentally because you haven’t filled up your time with million other things to avoid doing the very thing that scares you!🤯

💡 You’ll start to realise control is an illusion and it is OK for your children to have feelings of their own, and learn to deal with it with you by their side as a strong woman with compassion.

😊 You’ll feel good to surrender and be at peace with it all!

😟 You’ll stop judging and being hard on yourself because you now want different things in life and you’ve changed.

😣 You’ll realise you no longer need to punish yourself by working harder, faster and longer just to fill the gap inside of you.💥

🙏 You’ll enjoy creating the mental and physical space you need, even for just 10 minutes a day,

😀 You’ll enjoy the smile on your children’s faces when they see a rested and pleasant mum instead of the grumpy shouty one.

😲 You’ll no longer need motivation to help you do things that you enjoy because you’ll have the energy from inside of you that will keep you going no matter what!😉

🥰 You'll GET to make choices that feel good to you❤

If doing at least one of these will help you live better now,

then you’ll love my live training on March 29th where I will reveal the proven method that helped many women achieve exactly this in just 8 weeks.🤯🤯🤯

By the end of this training, you will be excited by the possibilities that are open to you and ready to make a change...

So without any delay, click the button below and reserve your spot now!