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Episode 74 - No 1 Cause of failure in personal development! New Year, New Goals BUT still the Old You!

Are your SMART goals failing you every year? You are not alone!

I get it, I did this too, for a long time!

That is the way you have been taught to set goals all along!

I spent all of my professional life setting SMART goals...

only to discover that they didn't help me grow as a person.

Instead, they reminded me of the limitations (placed upon me by others)

The more I stayed focused on these limitations (time, how realistic they are- according to who?  etc.) 

the bigger the gap I was feeling inside got 

I started to dread the start of each year. 

because I had to write down goals.

which didn't light me up inside.

Goals that felt like were not worth the paper they were written on.

Goals that no one ever looked at or cared about!

They felt like a vehicle to be judged on, though really and truly you were only ever judged on someone's opinion of you based on their own limitations.

You might be thinking:'But that is the only way to set goals, right?'


You see, there is a much better way to set your goals and actually achieve them, plus get exactly what you desire in life in every area!

If your goals are not aligned with who you are and your purpose,

they restrict you,

they keep reminding you of your limitations, not the possibilities.

As the world is changing,

do something different this year!

Let go of the goals that are no longer aligned with who you are.

and if you are starting to wonder 'but how do I do that?'

I've just the thing for you.

Join my live workshop at 12.00 pm GMT on Thursday 19th January where I will be talking about

 a new way of setting goals and

 3 essential elements to make anything you desire a reality in 2023!

This training relates to you if you are someone who…

 Is always missing your goals, especially when it comes to personal development, keep giving up or end up resenting them

 Is fed up with setting goals that suck your soul out and leave you frustrated year in year out!

 Wants to find a new way to achieve your personal development goals aligned with your career and home life.

By the end of this workshop, It will be obvious to you…

 Why do you never seem to follow through with the goals you set at the beginning of each year?

 3 must-do essentials for any goal setting

 How you can use these to help achieve your goals in 2023

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P.S. A recording of this workshop will be available for those who register even if you cannot attend!