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Why Change Has to Start With You and What is It You Really Need to Change?

Mar 21, 2022

Why change has to start with you?

We live in a world, where blaming others for our own failures and shortfalls has become an automatic reaction!

You want to empower others yet you don't even take responsibility for your own actions!

Have you considered what you would see if you look a little closer to home for the things you have not created in your life?

Things you constantly complain about and blame others for?

I get it and I am not immune to this... in fact, I am too familiar with it

 You see, I lived the past few years of my life being angry!😡😡😡😡


There was always someone to be angry at...

My boss(es)

My husband

My colleagues

My children

The 'system'

The society

The circumstances...

It was always someone else's fault...😡

Until I realised it was NOT!😮


It was ME all along! ðŸ’¡

I was not taking responsibility!💥

I was reacting to everything OUTSIDE of ME...

because I was angry on the inside

with myself!

I was judging myself for the things I haven't done! (can you relate?)

(In today's podcast episode, I go into a lot more detail about it)

and constantly comparing myself to others...

Little did I realise that I was expecting

everything/everyone else and circumstances to change before I changed!💥


I was expectingeverything/everyone else and circumstances to change before I changed!


It was only when I spent 8 weeks in bed hating everyone and everything around me that realised

I had to change FIRST before anything else changed in my life 💡


That was a mere 4 years ago (feels like a lifetime ago) 

now not only my life is different 

I also get to share the details of the insight from this experience with other people to help change their lives!🔥 😍

In fact, I am sharing the exact blueprint of the proven method that changed my life and the life of my clients in my upcoming FREE LIVE TRAINING on March 23rd at 12 pm GMT.

You can register here to discover more of my story and how I got out of despair using this unique method.

If you are still reading this, then chances are there is a part of you that might be feeling in despair right now...

Please don't wait any longer!

Because the Change Starts With YOU!😍

You might be wondering what do I need to change? and how can I change it now?

You see, you make choices and decisions from your values.

Values are the thing that drives your every move...

Some values serve you and some don't.

When you know what your values are and where you use them in your life everything will change for you just like it changed for me...

This is why I have created this workbook for you: 'What Drives you self-assessment'

You can access it now for just £7.77 and let amazing things change inside and out.

Discover how balanced your life is today in 7 essential areas with this FREE WORKBOOK!

Download The Life Balance Workbook

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