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What is one thing you can do today to make the uncertain, certain?

Jun 20, 2022

What is one thing you can do today to make the uncertain, certain?



Or perhaps there are some things you can do? 🤔😉

Here are a few that comes to my mind, and I was called to share them today.

But before I share, I want to make one thing very clear:

You cannot change the fact that uncertainty exists and will always exist!

That said, there are things (7 things in fact) you can do to help yourself deal with it and make things more ‘certain’ in your mind!

1.    Accept that the uncertainty exists and stop resisting it, thinking about it and ruling your life!

2.    Embrace the fact that you are facing some sort of uncertainty because if you already knew how to do the thing you are doing, you would have already done it, obvious right? Look deeper to see it as a journey and seek what you can learn from it, and how can you enjoy it -rather than focusing on the fact that everything is uncertain

3.    Make some things certain - with the habits you choose, your daily routine etc, to help your brain have the comfort it is seeking.

4.    Connect with your purpose - the thing that drives you and inspires you from within (not the thing that everyone else keeps saying you should do, because they are doing it). You can find your emotional drivers in my simple Discover What Drives You Workbook here.

5.    Ask yourself what is the most important thing to you in your life? – This will help you make decisions so much more easily. Because when you are not clear on what is important to you, you try and make your decisions from what others expect of you!

6.    Practice making simple and easy decisions (like what to have for breakfast, what to wear today etc.) using the above questions. You will find after a few weeks, you are making decisions, big ones with a lot more ease.

7.    Spend time (at least 5 minutes a day) thinking about how you will feel, and what will life be like when you do have the thing you want.

You see, one of the reasons you may be in so much fear about the uncertainty is that you constantly, without knowing think about and imagine the worst, unwanted scenarios, and disastrous consequences (that are not even true). What you focus on grows within you. So is it no wonder that you are in so much fear about the uncertainty!

So next time you get into fear, worry, anxiety and overthinking, realise what you are focusing on and shift it by thinking about what it will feel like to have achieved it, and if this is too hard, then think about the best of your life and recall all the amazing things about that day. Who was there, what were you wearing, what food did you eat, what was the weather like…Recall the smiles of everyone around you and feel those good feelings to your core! You will find your whole mood shifting so quickly. You can do this anytime you start to feel bad about something because you are focused on thoughts that are not true! Do it, and let me know how you get on.

When you listen to Ian and I on this week’s BONUS podcast episode you will hear more about how to deal with uncertainty. This is actually our most downloaded episode, and I was called to share it again for you today as an extra bonus!

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You see, uncertainty will always exist.

You can choose to resist it by blaming it on the circumstances, where you work, your boss, your lover or whatever that is not making you happy right now…

or you can choose something different.

because as you already know,

Nothing will change until YOU change!

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Until next time…


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