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What if uncertainty is a good thing?

May 02, 2022

I get that uncertainty is often perceived to be a 'bad thing' because it causes a lot of anxiety in so many people.

If you are one of those people, you might be staying awake wondering what is going to happen next;

Go through millions of scenarios in your head over and over again.

Worry about what may or may not happen…

But what if uncertainty is actually a good thing?

I would argue that it is!

It is a good thing because if you already knew what was going to happen, you would have already lived it and made it happen and there would be nothing to look forward to.

You see, everything in life is uncertain, whether you realise it or not!

You create a false sense of certainty through your daily habits and the illusional little comfort zone I talked about before.

Let’s face it no one ever knows what is going to happen next, but you act with faith KNOWING that everything WILL be OK in the end…

And that is what gives you the ‘certainty’ your brain is seeking to feel safe.

Act with faith KNOWING that everything WILL be OK in the end… that is what gives you the ‘certainty’ your brain is seeking to feel safe.

When you are creating something new, there is always a big uncertainty associated with it, and it is a good thing because it actually helps you keep an open mind for the possibilities you could not otherwise think of.

Imagine the time you decided to have a child… you didn’t really know every step (no amount of parenting books is going to prepare you for what is to come😜) yet you still decide to become a parent because you KNOW everything WILL be OK in the end.

In fact, knowing every step your new-born baby is going to take in her/his growing journey when she is going to smile when she is going to cry (I get it this one helps, especially at night🙄) when she is going to say her first word would in fact be very boring, would it not?

So today,

👁 take a moment to notice where in your life can you actually embrace the uncertainty and open yourself to more possibilities than you ever allowed yourself to.

🙏 Take a moment to be grateful for the journey that you are on to create whatever exciting thing you are about to create…

The only thing you really need to be certain about is that everything will be OK in the end…

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Until next time…

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