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What do you really need right now and what are you doing instead?

Aug 05, 2022

This might seem like a funny question, but bear with me because there is some gold here!

Whether you realise it or not we spend most of our days attempting to get our needs met!

Right from the moment you were born, in fact!

If you have children or spend any time around children, you probably already realise that they are very good at getting what they want 😉 (or at least pushing all sorts of boundaries to do so).

Well, there is still a part of you who is still that child, but as you grow older and get more and more responsibilities in life you tend to confuse what you really need vs what you (have to) choose to do.

For example, you might find some comfort and satisfaction in eating chocolate, junk food, alcohol or any other food item to cover up your loneliness and satisfy the need of feeling loved.

You might be working all hours of the day and saying yes to all request to prove your worthiness to others. All you really need is to KNOW you are already worthy (see last week’s newsletter where I gave a specific example on this).

Most of your behaviours and the feelings you experience as a result, come from having your needs met or unmet, as the case may be.

The more you understand about yourself and what is important to you the more likely you will be able to choose positive ways to meet your own needs.

If you are feeling a lack of balance, meaning and purpose in your life, then the chances are you may have some unmet emotional needs and you have been using your work, pleasing others, control or perfectionism to fulfil this. Only to end up feeling more frustrated and unfulfilled or even burnt out. If this sounds like you I have just the thing for you.

You may have some unmet emotional needs
and you have been using your work, pleasing others,
control or perfectionism to fulfil this.

You can listen to Ian and I talk about this topic on this week’s podcast Episode here. I am sharing this episode from end of last year (What do you really need right now), which is one of our most listened-to episodes.

Tune into this episode and discover what it is you really need and what you can do to learn to meet those needs yourself without burning out or looking outside of yourself.

Plus, if any of this has resonated with you, you will be pleased to know you can discover how balanced your life is in 7 essential areas with this FREE Life Balance Workbook!

P.S. This week, after a lovely holiday, my soul wanted, deep down, to disconnect from the world and the universe gave me exactly that by making sure my phone broke down, again, and my internet was cut off for a few hours! Luckily it came back just in time for me to share this with you!😍

Until next time…

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