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What do you and a baby elephant has in common?

Mar 21, 2019

Have you ever been to a circus? Isn’t it amazing what sort of things they do? One that I find the most amazing is the tricks they do with the elephant. A little (relative to the elephant) man walks around with a great big elephant in the stage and makes it do all sorts of tricks without the elephant needing/wanting to trash him in one step. The elephant does exactly what he tells him to.

How does a small human make an elephant of that size make it do the things he tells him to do? Do you know? Because the elephant is trained to do just that, as you would naturally think. Indeed of course, the elephant is ‘trained’ to do what he is told to do. But how come this big elephant, which is strong enough to easily break free from the noose doesn’t do that and escape?

It all goes back to the times that the elephant was a baby elephant. The circus people take a baby elephant and put a noose around its neck and tie him to a post or a tree. As the baby elephant tries to escape, he struggles, because he is too little and not strong enough to escape. The longer he struggles, the more tired he gets and eventually he gives up. When this happens, they untie noose. When they tie the noose again, elephant walks around nicely with the noose around his neck and no longer protests or tries to escape, even if he is stronger, bigger and capable of escaping; because he ‘believes’ (he is conditioned) that he is not strong enough and when there is a noose around his neck, he cannot escape.

Does this ring true to your own life in some way? Are there things in your life that you ‘believe’ that are holding you back and are not serving you well?

The answer is, in fact, yes. Everyone has. However, not everyone is aware of the effects that these beliefs in their life. These are called ‘limiting beliefs’ and they do, as the name suggests, limit your potential; limit your achievements; limit your capabilities, just because you believe them to be true even though they are not. Examples of limiting beliefs might be: ‘I am fat, therefore I am not attractive’; ‘I am not as clever as my brother; therefore, I must work harder to compensate and to be good enough’. ‘If I don’t achieve good grades, I am a failure’ etc.

What is the noose around your neck that has been holding you back? Good news for you, is that you are here, and this means you are aware that something isn’t working in your life as well as it should. Even better news is that I can help you take the first step to do something about it.

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