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The Great Pain Deception

Oct 09, 2019

The title is from a book by Steven Ray Ozanich. It is a great book about how our internal struggles and some of our unresolved issues can manifest as back or neck pain and more importantly how he helped so many people to solve this once and for all. So, read it if you think this applies to you.

But today I am going to talk about a different sort of pain. Pain of taking action. Pain of doing something that you know is going to solve all your problems, yet you cannot bring yourself to take that action. You feel the resistance right inside of you. You would rather make up 101 excuses not to do it than think of 1, just one reason to do it; even though you know deep down that one reason is the key that will unlock everything for you.

I know this, because I have been there, sometimes I am still there. But you know what? I have also been on the other side and I know how liberating that is. It is like taking off a medical plaster of a wound, that has been there for days. Even the thought of taking it off is painful; but when you do it and do it quickly it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will; and once it is off, you wonder why you were even worried about it in the first place.

I recently heard another metaphor talking about this and it is so profound that I thought I’d share it with you.

A man is on his morning walk in the neighbourhood when he hears a dog whimpering in the front decking of a house from a distance. As he gets closer to the house, the cry gets more and more heart-breaking. He can’t help but walk into the front of the house and sees a man sitting on a rocking chair right next to the dog. He asks the man: ‘why is he crying?’. The owner says: ‘He is sitting on a nail’. Then the man says: ’why doesn’t he move?’. The owner says: ‘It is too painful’! The man looks at him with his mouth wide open in disbelief…

Isn’t it incredible? The dog doesn’t move, because he ‘believes’ that moving (taking the necessary action to change) is so painful that he is ‘happy’ to sit there in pain and cry. In other words, he ‘thinks’ the pain of moving is so much more intense than sitting there and enduring it. Well, this is why you should not believe everything you ‘think’.

Don’t you see, so many of us do the same. We live in a coma of ‘I am fine’ whilst trying to cover up the pain with other distractions such as a new hand bag, a new car, a fancy holiday, going from party to party, changing jobs, a new dress, a new hairstyle… Worse still, a bottle of wine every Friday night (or every evening after work); smoking or other addictions we would not publicly admit…

How much longer are you willing to continue with this pain?

What is it going to take you to move?

How long until you take the necessary action and face the music?

What if you knew on the other side of this was your dreams, your better self, waiting to greet you with open arms?

What if I told you there was a million-pound prize on the other side of this?

Would you move then?

What is it really COSTING you, not to move?

Are you willing to PAY that for the rest of your life or are you willing to take the first step to move?

I am here to help. I can help you move even quicker (remember the quicker you move the plaster, the less painful it is). I am offering you a FREE COACHING CALL to establish what you are struggling with and how I can help you move.

You have options. All you need to do is to hold your hand out and I will pull you out! Go on, give it a try! Here is the link you need!







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