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Nov 25, 2022

Is it about the journey or the destination?

You probably heard it before it is not about the destination but about the journey!

This is a sentence that made me cringe for so many years because, looking back on it, I never understood what it really meant!

Since going on the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and the creator of my own destiny by choice, not by default, I have come to know what this really means.

If you ask me, it is about neither and it is about both at the same time!

Without a destination, a purpose or a goal you can easily get lost.

If you however focus solely on that destination, no matter what...

you might forget to enjoy the journey and lose sight of what is important... at best you'll end up burning out, and at worst you might lose everything that is important that you took for granted!

If you focus too much on 'enjoying' the journey, you have a false expectation that the journey will never present any challenges. So when it inevitably does, you could give up easily losing out on both the growth this will bring you and the goal you are setting out to achieve.

So what is it really about?

It is about the person you get to become during your journey to achieve your destination.

It is how you face the challenges that are presented and how you then take those lessons to shine the light for others to follow.

Today I hit 3K followers on Linkedin and I am grateful for that. I set out to inspire others and attract like-minded people whilst serving my purpose and I have enjoyed it, every little bit!

Today, invite you to listen to this week's podcast episode (67) where I talk about this in detail with examples.

If you don't have 20 minutes, just watch the daily mindset minute video here on my YouTube Channel.

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Until next time...

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