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One thing you can do to stop overthinking and make decisions easily!

Sep 23, 2022

How easily do you make decisions?


If you are like most people, you might find making decisions hard, especially when it comes to decisions about yourself and your life. 


This might be even harder when other people like your spouse, your children, your work etc are involved because you might be too busy thinking and worrying about the impact your decision will have on other people.


What you may never consider, however, is the impact of your INDECISION on them!


Because indecision is a decision in itself!


I know! This is huge.💥💥


Here are a few things that might happen as a result of your indecision:

😟 Staying awake most of the night thinking - ending up short tempered the next day, shouting at anyone that crosses your way (God Forbid)!

😫 Stinking headache due to tiredness and overthinking, resulting in grumpier mummy, boss, wife…

😫 Resorting to drinking more coffee, eating chocolate (or comfort food of your choice) all day long… then feeling the guilt and shame for the rest of the day


As a result, becoming a person who is hard to be around, and hating (OK maybe that’s a bit strong) yourself even more as a result.


It doesn’t have to be like this…💡


You see, regardless of how much you think of others, of the processes you might use, written or otherwise, there is only one way you actually make decisions…

... and that is from your subconscious.

there is only one way you actually make decisions…


Your subconscious makes your decisions 7 seconds before you can analytically grasp the concept you have to make a decision on! 😮💥


So, all overthinking actually does is find logical reasons why you made that decision in the first place!🤯


Here is the thing, if you ALREADY KNEW why you made that decision, and what drove you to it, then you will never have to overthink again!💥


You can do that by knowing your subconscious emotional drivers. The emotional blueprint you carry affects every decision you make without you even knowing!


You might be thinking ‘But it is hard to make decisions, especially life-changing ones’!


Of course, it is.


But it is also hard to stay in indecision and keep living on tenterhooks, both for you and the ones you loved the most!


Only you can choose your ‘hard’!


Listen, If you want to stop overthinking, mostly to please other people, and start living your life to the full then learn what your subconscious emotional drivers are now with this very powerful guide that worked for me and my clients for only £17 today instead of the usual £27. Just enter the code SELF10 before you pay!


You can listen to Ian and I talk about this topic in a bit more detail on this week’s podcast Episode (58) here. 


Until next time...

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