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Life is the Mirror no one is looking at! What will yours show you?

Mar 28, 2022

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Of course, you see a reflection of yourself. If it is a bad hair day, you see a person with bad hair; If you had a bad night’s sleep, you see a person with a tired wrinkled face; If you are happy and glowing (inside), you see a glowing, happy face in the mirror etc… you get the point.

Now; have you considered what you see when you look at your external world?

Like your house, your friends, colleagues, your job, the car you drive…?

You see a reflection of your inner world!

So if you have anger inside of you; you will see anger everywhere you look… you will attract anger or events that will ‘make’ you angry…

The truth is, nothing can make you feel anything without your consent.

Imagine if you have a cup full of coffee and you bumped into something. What spills out of the cup?- obviously coffee? Why because that is what you had in your cup.

The same applies here. If you don’t have anger inside of you it will not spill outside!

It seems so simple and obvious when you think of it like that.

Unfortunately, it is not that obvious to you when it comes to recognising what part of your inside causes the things you see on the outside.

Because most of it is subconscious, so even when you think you are looking at the mirror (the outside world) all you really see, is what you have always seen. It is like writing an essay and not being able to see the spelling mistakes and the moment someone else picks it up they see 3 on the first page (I am sure you can relate πŸ™„)

You are looking but not seeing.

Because you cannot see the picture when you are in the frame, as Les Brown says.

You need to get out of the frame and look at it from the outside, or rather have someone help you see it. Even after years of coaching and being in this work, I still have my blind spots and need many types of coaches to help me see what I cannot see.

I gave many examples of this in today’s podcast episode. You can catch that episode here.

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❓ Afraid of being rejected or judged by others

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❓ Afraid of saying no and setting boundaries and end up neglecting your own needs?

❓ Overworked, overbooked, and burned out trying to control everything and take care of others

You will love what I will share, because by the end of this training:

It will be obvious to you

•     Why you are so overwhelmed and constantly stuck in a pleasing others’ loop

•     Why you never have time or the energy for the things you enjoy

•     Why you never got anywhere reading personal development books


•     You will be excited by the possibilities that are available and…

•     You will be ready to make a change in your life, for good!

I will share the full proven framework I used to get myself out of my despair and how I now use it to help my clients too.

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I can’t wait to see you there.

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