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I want doesn't get! But it is not why you think it might be!

Feb 14, 2022

As a child, you probably heard a few times: ‘I want doesn’t get’ or ‘I want never gets’, especially if you were raised in Great Britain.

You may have been told that the reason for this was that ‘you have to ask for things in a more polite way and say: ‘I would like, may I please have’ etc. because It's often used with children when they ask for things in, what is interpreted as a rude way.

And the chances are your 5-year-old self took this as ‘I mustn’t ask for what I want’.

Unfortunately, as you grow older this deep-seated belief shows up in many aspects of your life without you even realising it. I want this, but I can’t ask for it.

This little phrase ‘I want never gets’ used to really trigger me and I used to tell people ‘but If you don’t ask you won’t get’!

But most recently I had a whole new perspective on this. As I understand more and more about our brain and how your thoughts create your reality I realised something really ground-breaking!

The truth is ‘I want’ does NOT get you what you want, because you don’t believe in it.

You don’t believe you deserve the thing you want.

This is one of the main reasons you hide behind ‘I don’t know what I want’. What you are really saying is that

❌ I don’t believe I deserve it,

❌ what I want is impossible,

❌ I am afraid I won’t get it,

❌ Even if I do get it, I am afraid I might lose it!’

And here is the bombshell: I want doesn’t get you want, because in your mind I want = I don’t have it. 💥

This means you are still focused on NOT HAVING it!

As you already know, what you focus on, grows within you.

So how do you get what you want in life?

The simple answer is, focus on ‘already having it’.

You might be thinking: ‘How can I focus on something I don’t have? How can I pretend I have it?’…

Well, you do this all day long, without even realising.

Think about all the ‘unwanted’ scenarios that you create in your mind when you fear something when you are uncertain about the outcome?

They are not true, have not yet happened; yet you create/go through every detail in your mind as if it were true.

If you can do that about something negative/unwanted, you sure can do that about something you want.

It is like daydreaming, something you have the innate ability to do so and yes something you believe you must stop doing, because it is not good for you (told the teachers when you were 5. 6. 7 etc.)

How do you get what you want in life? Knowing what you want and BE-ing who/what you want before you even have it.

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