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How to use the power of your intention to achieve anything you desire!

Apr 18, 2022

Intention? What does it even mean?

'Being intentional' was a phrase I heard a few years ago in my corporate job.

I didn't know what it really meant or how it really applied to me, to be honest.

It wasn't until I set my own intention to find my life's purpose and witness things happen around me because of it that I came to know the meaning of it!

It wasn't about setting so many goals and writing down 3000 steps to make them happen.

It was about knowing what I wanted and

Knowing with no doubt or fear that it was going to happen.

If you are sitting there thinking, 'I know what I want, I have goals, but I don't know how to get there'

Well, that’s where the problem lies!

I get it, this is what we are all conditioned to think about first; but it is backwards and that is the reason why most people fail to get what they want.

You see, when you have your intention set for the thing you want, you don't have to know how to get there because you just know that you will get there...

(let’s face it, if you knew how to get there, you would already be there),

When you have a clear intention you no longer need to

😟 worry about how many things you have done or haven't done!

😞 Judge yourself that you are not good enough, because you are not there yet...

😟 care about whether you will have the support of others or not!

😊 and none of that matters anyway, because you just know you will get there,

This is what having a strong intention from a place of inner peace with no attachment to the process or the outcome feels like!

You actually have so many examples of this in your daily life and practice this without even knowing. You can discover what they are in today's Episode 36 of Finding Serenity in The Midst of Chaos Podcast. I also have a great example for you from my own life and it will blow your mind! Listen to that episode here.

Listen, the reason why you can't seem to achieve what you want in life is NOT that you don't know how to get there or what to do;

πŸ’₯ but because you are too focused on not being there yet, you cannot even think about what to do.

and as you already know, what you focus on grows within you and eventually becomes your reality!

😍 The fact that you have goals bigger than you means it is already possible for you to achieve them.

When you start working from this knowing and

πŸ›‘ stop feeling the guilt and shame in not being there yet it will become your reality, quicker than you can imagine right now!

Don’t take my word for it, just give it a go yourself with the simple examples I gave in today’s podcast. Plus see what one of my clients said:

“Before I worked with Tulay I was so focussed on the mechanics and ‘the how’ that I was losing sight of my vision

I now feel much calmer, content and at peace. The biggest change is clarity of my goal and my commitment to it and accepting that the rest is just details.

Also knowing that if I remain focused on my goal, the universe will provide, and that is where fulfilment actually lies - not the places I was looking in before.”

What is your intention for your life?

Book a call with me now to discover how I can help you get clear on that intention and get you moving towards it quickly and with confidence.

Until next time…

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