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Feb 08, 2021

It is time to put an end to over-giving, over-thinking and searching for your self-worth in your achievements and step into your power. 

I will show you exactly how...

Are you someone who is:

❓ Afraid of being rejected or judged by others
❓ Constantly seeking the approval of others
❓ Afraid of saying no and setting boundaries and end up neglecting your own needs?
❓ Overworked, overbooked, and burned out trying to control everything and take care of others

How many of these sound like you?

If you see yourself in one of these statements, then the chances are you too are an overwhelmed people pleaser.


Hello, my name is Tülay Massey, I am the founder of Tülay Massey Coaching and the creator of The Serenity MethodTM. I am a passionate, strong, and experienced transformation coach.

I help time-poor high achieving professional women create conscious daily habits so that they can have time for themselves and be present with their family.

I want to show you that there is more to you than just being a mum, a boss, a wife, a daughter or whatever else you are for everyone else.

I too was an overwhelmed people pleaser for many years as I battled with constantly ‘seeking approval’ and afraid of saying no, in case of judgement from others.

I was too busy taking care of everyone else around me that I forgot I had needs too.

I thought it was a lack of time that got in the way of doing the things that I wanted to do with my life.

I did not pay attention, I kept ignoring the signs and avoided dealing with what was right in front of me.

Until that is, I was floored with a viral infection for 7 weeks straight!

It was only then that I had the opportunity to have a good look at myself; evaluate what was important to me and realised I had to stop seeking some outside force/person/event/thing to validate my self-worth!

I realised this was an inside job and it started with ME. 

I also realised I could not do it on my own!

I want you to know you are not on your own either.

It is my mission to help women like you who turned into ‘Overwhelmed People-Pleasers’ in an effort to find your 'PURPOSE, meaning and self-worth into conscious 'Heart-Centred Creators' that you are!

I will show you exactly how to cut out all the outside noise and find inner peace so that you can discover your self-worth and tap into the ‘Heart Centred Creator’ that you are.

What is a " Heart Cantered Creator " I hear you ask?

She is someone who:

✔️ Learned to say NO and set clear boundaries,

✔️ Has a clear vision of what she wants in life and is ready to go after it,

✔️ Knows she is good enough just as she is, now!

✔️ Feels peaceful, calm, and joyful by default regardless of outside circumstances!

When you become the heart-centred creator of your own life you are:

💖 Calm, Happy & Joyful
💖 Rested and Present (not just physically, but mentally)
💖 You know your own truth & value, therefore stop seeking it outside of yourself.
💖 Clear on your vision & drivers; rather than being driven by what others decide for you
💖 Excited about possibilities open to you because you are no longer fighting for your limitations.

I am living proof of how this is entirely possible for anyone.

Balance and Serenity are possible for you too, if you allow it.

I stand for women living empowered lives from a place of vision and purpose, values that are aligned to their vision and commitment to what is important to them.

I stand against women giving their power away to things outside of them to feel worthy and loved and to prove their worthiness.

I want every woman in my circle to step into their power and live a purposeful life not because someone else approves it, but because it makes them happy.

If you are ready to make the leap from being an Overwhelmed People Pleaser who is living in constant Chaos inside and out and become a Heart Cantered Creator who has Serenity from the inside, then join me in my mission.

You can work with me right now in my 8-week 1:1 Coaching Programme

Mastering the Serenity Principles for Life Transformational Coaching Programme


Or book a one-hour breakthrough call where I help you with a specific problem you have in regards to work-life balance or taking that crucial next step in a big decision.

By the end of the call:
✔️You will discover what is getting in your way of solving that problem-limiting belief
✔️You will have practical actionable steps towards solving your specific problem and
✔️ You will know exactly how to transform your thinking and your emotional state at any time you like when it comes to solving any problem going forwards!
Even with this small step you take today, you will already create a big change in your thinking and how you approach your problems moving forwards!

You can book a 1-hour breakthrough call right here.

Whichever you choose, you will be much closer to your goal than you started.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!


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