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Control is an illusion and it is stealing your peace!

Feb 21, 2022

Attachment is the greatest cause of suffering, but how is it stealing your peace?

‘Attachment is the root cause of suffering’ said Buddha,

You might be wondering: ‘Attachment to what?’

Great question.

I thought until yesterday, it was the attachment to a certain outcome that was the greatest cause of suffering…

And I realised it was deeper than that…

Most of us don’t even think about the outcome we want, let alone get attached to it.

If you are like most people I work with, the chances are you might either do anything to avoid thinking about the outcome

or completely focus on the outcome you do NOT want.

So, what is it that really causes suffering?

It is the ‘need’ to control…

-         The process

-         The people

-         The emotions

-         The disappointment

What you are attached to is not the outcome itself but how the outcome is achieved.

What you are attached to is not the outcome but how the outcome is achieved. I am sure many of you reading this will relate to this, especially if you work in a corporate environment.

And as you already know, control is an illusion.

You cannot control anything outside of you…

Unfortunately, this does not stop you from trying

And that is the main reason you suffer.

When you are attached to the process and want to control every element…

You suffer because things don’t go to plan

Others suffer because they probably think of a different way of doing things to you do (you are attached to) and you do everything to stop that from happening.

This also means you might put meanings and interpretations to things that happen when they don’t happen in the way that you want them to happen…

You might make this mean…

πŸ˜” I am not good enough

πŸ˜” I cannot communicate clearly

πŸ˜” I am not cut out to do this

πŸ˜” I knew I wasn’t the right person

πŸ˜” I will never make this happen

Have you considered by doing this you might be, without even realising, closing yourself to possibilities?

Other ways that may be available to achieve the same outcome, perhaps easier, simpler or faster ways…

Episode 27 of Finding Serenity in the Midst of Chaos podcast delves deeper into how we bring suffering to our daily lives by being ‘controlled’ by the illusion of having control.

If you are looking for finding peace within, this is a great episode to listen to using the link here.

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