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3 warning signs that show you are heading for burnout again!

Apr 04, 2022

And the real reason why you keep repeating them!

“I felt restless, overwhelmed. I was exhausted, felt anxious and was overthinking my every move.

I spent too much time on working and achieving and paying attention to other people’s thoughts and judgements, but didn’t realise this was draining me, and holding me back because I was leaving my own success to other people’s judgement!

I was working really hard to prove that I was good enough and worthy; I was waiting to be 100% sure, know everything or be “perfect” before I started things. I had forgotten to take care of myself!”

If you are like most high achieving professional women I work with, then the chances are you too might have experienced the same.

You will have recognised that these are just a few very typical symptoms of burnout.

I see in my clients and in my own life experience 3 very typical warning signs/symptoms that you are heading towards burnout.

1.   You overthink everything, you are in your head and decision making becomes very hard. The anxiety is overwhelming.

2.   You start working harder, faster, longer to achieve a certain result- to make it perfect; but then when it doesn’t quite meet the expectations you set in your head you start beating yourself up about it!

3.   You run from one project/title/achievement to another to keep the approval/appreciation and validation from others- just to feel good. And as you already know, this doesn’t last long.

 All of the above will result in some sort of burnout, sooner or later.

"I was waiting to be 100% sure, know everything or be “perfect” before I started things. I had forgotten to take care of myself!"

You might even find that this is a repeated pattern of yours! Yet you can’t seem to understand why! And this in itself is frustrating.

Here is the real reason you may be heading towards burnout again!

It is because you do not value yourself! You don’t think you are worthy of the success you are so desperately striving to achieve.

This is why you constantly look outside of yourself to get the validation to make you believe that you are worthy!

This is why you work, longer, harder, faster, with such expectations of yourself, yet all along you are telling yourself: "I will never achieve that, even if I did achieve it, I am never going to feel good enough". And when you don’t achieve the result you ‘expect of yourself’ it becomes great evidence to support what you already believe!

Of course, you are not even aware of the fact that this is your self-talk because it became part of your subconscious identity. It is a belief you bought into when you were 3-6 years old, and you never questioned it since!

Your brain will fit your external reality to your internal beliefs, this is why as long as you believe you are not worthy of the success you are after you will constantly sabotage that without even knowing.

Burnout is not caused by physical exhaustion- i.e. physical hard work; it is caused by mental exhaustion. Physical exhaustion is just the effect!

It is caused by the constant battle in your head and the guilt, shame and judgement (of yourself) that comes with it, that you are not even aware of consciously, because it became so automatic!

I gave many great examples of this in today’s podcast episode. You can catch that episode here.

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