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3 steps to manifesting what you truly desire, just like my kids did!

Aug 12, 2022

On Tuesday I told you the story of how A Teddy bear, Mermaid and Barbie come to life on our holiday.

These are not just random toys, they are toys my kids truly desired and manifested into their lives right before our eyes during our holiday!

You see, both my daughter and my son were given some holiday money by their granddad as they always do.

Unlike all the other years, however, this year, they told us exactly what they were going to spend their money on.

My son said: 'I am going to have a little teddy with a T-shirt that says Whitstable on it' (where we spend 10 days for our holiday this year).

On our first day, browsing through the high street (all one mile of it) of Whitstable we came across this little gift shop!

He found a little teddy with a T-shirt that said Whitstable on it, exactly what he had described! Pictured below 👇👇

No alt text provided for this image

This is when our minds were blown because I didn't think for one minute, that he would find this. Whilst he was confident to get this teddy, I was thinking: 'This is a small place, not even that popular, there is no way you will find this here!🙄🤨

The same thing happened to my daughter, but she wanted a soft Mermaid just like the dolly she had on holiday two years ago (pictured side by side).

No alt text provided for this image

In the second shop we walked into, she saw the mermaid (picture on the right) and fell in love with it instantly.

This got me thinking, why is it so hard for some people to get what they want?

and how was it so easy for my kids to manifest exactly what they wanted?

The answer was easy and when I really thought about it, had 3 main elements:

1.     They KNEW exactly what they wanted.

2.     They described it and imagined it in detail.

3.     They had no attachment to not having it because they had NO DOUBT that they would get it!

and it was that easy.🤯🤯🤯

We later put the second part to a test.

My daughter and I were sitting on the beach, and she said she wanted another dolly with the remaining money she had for the holiday.

I asked her to tell me exactly what she wanted, and this is what she described:

“I want a princess barbie with blonde hair, a tiara and a red dress!”

This was on Thursday. She didn't actually buy a barbie, as she didn't need another one!

But instead, here is what happened:

Sunday around 8.45 pm we stopped at a service station an hour from home and after using the restrooms, we came across various items in a shop window right outside. One of those items was:

A blonde-haired barbie with a red dress and a tiara!!! We all looked at it in awe of the situation and thanked the Universe for this amazing moment!

My children reminded me once again how easy it is to manifest what you want when you clearly set your intention AND describe it in detail with absolute knowing that you will GET it!

So blessed to witness this!

Now! ponder today exactly what you want to manifest and let the magic begin!

You can listen to Ian and I talk about this topic on this week’s podcast Episode here. 

Tune into this episode whilst pondering what is it that you want and ask for it without a shadow of a doubt that you WILL get it!

Until next time…

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