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Episode 143 - 3 Things you can do to feel happy right now!

Are you looking for simple ways to boost your happiness instantly? In this episode, we're sharing three powerful techniques to help you feel happier right now! πŸ’₯

 Of course, there are many ways you can feel happy in an instant. In this video, I will be talking about my 3 go-to ways to feel happy in an instant.

1. Focus on happy thoughts, because your thoughts create the feelings you experience no matter what they are.

2. Do something that brings you joy - simple things like walking, a nice chat with a friend, a hug from a family member etc.

3. Do something for someone else - an act of kindness and making someone else happy will always take away your feeling of sadness and will make you feel happy instantly.

Feeling happy doesn't have to be complicated. Join us as we explore these three strategies and start feeling more joyful and fulfilled right now! Remember to like, share, and subscribe for more tips on living a happier, more fulfilling life.

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