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Episode 135 - The 4 Most Common Mistakes That Will Lead to Burnout

The 4 Most Common Mistakes most ambitious women make that will ALWAYS Lead to Burnout.


Today, we are returning to this topic because it is a crucial topic we covered in the podcast before. We are bringing it back for YouTube today.

If you are like most professional women I work with, you probably believe that you have to be a good mum, a good boss, great at what you do, and make people happy at work and home… 

and sacrifice your own health and well-being in the process and that’s OK!

Well, I am here to tell you it is NOT and no matter what society and others expect of you, this is not a way to live your life!

This episode especially relates to you, if you have been feeling:

😩 Exhausted and anxious😰

😔 Unmotivated to do anything (especially the things you normally like to do easily)

😔 Cynical towards everything and everyone you interact with every day,

You will love this episode because, at the end of it you’ll discover,

✅ The 4 Most common mistakes professional women make that lead to burnout

✅ The reasons behind making these mistakes

✅ What you can start doing today to change this.

Don’t take my word for it, watch/listen to this episode till the end and discover it for yourself.

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