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Episode 109 - How to discover what you want and pursue it when money is an issue!

In this week's episode, I answered a specific question from one of our listeners.

The question was: How do you discover what you want and how do you go about pursuing it when money is an issue.

I broke this question down to 2 parts and talked in detail about both separately.

It is easy to discover what you want, even you think you don't yet know what you want. The fact that you are even asking the question means you already know what you want, but you can't admit it to yourself because of fear. 

We talked in detail about how to actually discover what you want by simply writing down what you don't want first.

Then we answered the second part of the question: How to pursue what you want when money is an issue? Well Money is NOT the issue. Lack of money may be an issue of course if you have no other income. So it is much better to change the language around this and remember money itself is not an issue. Money is a tool for us to create great things in the world.

So for this, I suggested that the listener first starts by practicing in any way she can, what she wants to pursue for free and gains some experience in it. I gave real examples from my own experience as to how I did this when I decied what I wanted to do.

This is a great and insightful episode.

Next week we will be answering another listener's question. Her question is: "How will I be able to manage and cope with high pressured job upon return to work from maternity leave?"

Having had this experience twice before, I have a lot to talk about on this topic.

Thank you for listening

Until next time!