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Episode 100 - How to Find Serenity in the Midst of Chaos

This is the 100th episode of Finding Serenity In The Midst of Chaos Podcast!

In this episode, we talk about where and how this podcast started and why we still keep going!

We are here to help you find Serenity in the Midst of all the Chaos in life whether it is a lockdown, school holidays or in the middle of a midlife crisis!

Our conversations are designed to give you a different and more helpful perspective in life and as a result change your experiences not just when everything is going well, but even when things are going 'wrong'

If you've been a loyal listener, thank you!

If you are a new listener, then welcome!

We appreciate you!


Have you ever stopped working for a minute or looked up from your phone, to consider how balanced your life is right now? Yes, really, have you?

When is the last time you took a break from ‘doing things and going through the motions of daily activities in autopilot and had a good look at yourself; your life and how things are going?

If you are listening to this podcast, it means that there is a part of you who believes that there are some areas of your life that are not working as they should. The good news is, I have just the thing for you!

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