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Episode 99 - Choosing what feels good and letting go of guilt forever!


The mum guilt that is!

The one that

๐Ÿ’” creeps up every time you are called to a work trip

๐Ÿ’” eats you up when you are out with friends

๐Ÿ’” makes you check your phone every five minutes when you are out on a date night with your husband, just in case the babysitter called.

๐Ÿ’” makes you feel like you are the worst person in the world if you put your kids in front of the IPad for 30 minutes for a bit of peace and quiet!

๐Ÿ’”makes you want to eat your own body weight in chocolate to 'deal with' the emotional overwhelm.

Just because you are doing something that is good for you and makes you feel better (not the chocolate) doesn't mean you are guilty!


โค๏ธTo practice your choices/free will- If going away for a night hurts so much, don't.

โค๏ธBy interacting with other people you are teaching them to be social and 'emotional intelligence'.

โค๏ธ To trust that they will be OK without you for one evening.

โค๏ธ By taking time out for yourself, you are allowing to BE present with them.

โค๏ธ To LOVE yourself so that you don't abuse your body every time you feel a negative emotion.

If you have been carrying some guilt then the only way to let go is to have more compassion for yourself and love yourself more. You might even want to repeat: I forgive myself, I love and accept myself.

Love yourself without guilt, Love yourself despite your shortcomings, and then you'll see your life change for the better, quicker.

Your kids want a happy mum, not a guilty one!