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Episode 81 - Torn between things you want to do and things you need to do😭?

Juggling so many things,

some of which I WANT to do,

some I NEED to do,

and I seem to be failing to do either!

And my default response to this is to ADD MORE THINGS!!!

I have No idea why!


How many times did you find yourself in the exact same situation? 

You are not alone!

I get it, it is an easy trap to fall into, because it is so automatic that you don't even realise you are doing it most of the time!

Until you do it again and find yourself in yet another burnout!

The good news is that: 'It's not you, it is how you have learned to be so far!' It is simply a habit of your subconscious identity.

and no, you will not change this habit quickly until you change something else first!

In today's episode, I cover the reasons that drive you to this unhelpful behaviour cycle.

Watch out for my upcoming training on how you too can change this habit by changing what is causing this cycle in the first place. 

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