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Episode 79 - How to navigate change and uncertainty even when you are 11 years old!

This is the story of my son who had to change schools just a few months shy of finishing primary school.

He has been called names, dropped in and blamed for situations when he wasn't even involved...

We recently had to make the hardest decision to move him, because we realised that when a flower doesn't grow, you don't blame the plant, you look at the environment first.

When we did this, we realised that he can thrive and be his true self in the right environment.

It would have been easy to stay where we were but we chose not to. We chose the small pain of moving over the long-term pain of wondering what if...

In this podcast, I tell the story of my son and how he navigated this change at the very tender age of 11 to turn his life around.

If you are serious about attracting what you want in life and navigating change easily, consider making gratitude a part of your daily routine and watch amazing things happen...

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