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Episode 77 - Which one are you feeling right now? anger or fear?

I got really angry this morning!😠


because It was easier to be angry than to admit that I felt fearful!

On this occasion, I was feeling fearful about something I decided to do this week.

and even though I have consciously chosen to do this new thing,

I have been observing, with great curiosity,

how it is showing up in my body

in my thoughts and if I allow it, in my actions.

It feels like walking on eggshells or having to sit on a bed of nails

plus an uncomfortable feeling in my chest... like something is bubbling up.

and just this morning, it showed itself as 'anger' towards someone else's choice!

It is because I am so aware of what I am going through, that I realised what was REALLY going on.😌

You see, most people are used to showing their anger, but no one wants to admit they are fearful.

They are both emotions and neither feels good.

Yet, more often than not you might choose to stay in one over the other thinking that it will make everything OK.

I know I did, in the past.

I feared that

πŸ˜” I would die doing the same thing every day, making no impact on anything or anyone and call it a life!

πŸ˜” I would be judged and criticized by others because of making mistakes - so I spent most of my time trying to make sure this did not happen πŸ™„

πŸ˜” I would not matter to anyone, so I tried so hard to matter to everyone with all the things I did

For so long, I chose to stay in anger because of all this...

until I realised that I was not angry at the world,

I was angry at myself for not doing the things I really wanted to do quickly enough...

It is then I realised what was really happening

I was actually so full of fear!

and I was judging myself as a result

and it was only when I decided to forgive myself

and do something different to ride through the fear...

my life has changed.

You see, staying in anger made me a victim

but choosing to face my fears made me a human.

I chose to face my fear to change my life and I never looked back.

and because of this experience,

I chose to show compassion to myself this morning even though I was angry for a few minutes.

I know that each and every moment, I am here to learn my lessons and to grow and evolve...

and so are you.

So if you are feeling angry... then perhaps look a little deeper.

You might start to see where is it really coming from.

Just know, you always have a choice!

What will you choose today?


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