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Episode 69 - What is the legacy you want to create in the world?

"Her life became perfect when she discovered her gratitude and love for the imperfect"🥰😭


🥰 She inspired those around her

😊 By celebrating the little moments, and the deep conversations

❤ By leading with the heart – especially when the heads got stuck

👁‍🗨 By relentlessly imagining and creating a future that she wants to live in

🎯🔥 By proving that fulfilled work and fulfilled family can happily co-exist💥

She was a soul

🥰 Who never gave anyone or anything up

🥰 Who deeply cared, for those close to her

😍 Who collected the wisdom and maturity of age whilst keeping the cheeky inner child alive until the end

Her legacy was a commitment towards herself and who she was becoming in the process"

Dreading the thought of writing your personal development goals for 2023?😟


I feel your pain!

I used to dread this time too...

Not because I didn't believe in the personal development... 

but I knew what I was going to write and present 

😔 was going to fall on deaf ears... again! Because no one ever looked at or cared about them.

😔 Felt like were not worth the paper they were written on.


😔 Didn't light me up inside.

They were a vehicle to 

✔ Get 'better' at something I didn't enjoy doing in the first place, only to end up being mediocre at best🙄😔

😔 Be judged on put in a certain box that felt suffocating and restrictive

😣 Re-enforce the (false) belief that you have to do more and learn more to be worthy!

Look, the way you write personal development goals restricts you 💥

they keep reminding you of your limitations😮🤯

You see, If you focus on the limitations, you will get more of your limitations🤯

What I want you to know right now is that...🥰

There is a much better way to do personal development!🥰💥

and it has nothing to do with learning more, attending more training or keep re-enforcing your limitations!🤯

Before you block time to write down your personal development goals for 2023 consider this...

Where will you be in another 1, 3 or 5 years from now if you continue to follow the same soul-sucking process of writing your development plan?😔

Ready to discover the proven way of setting a development plan that is guaranteed to get you further in your career and in your life for the next year?💥🤔

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