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Episode 68 - Don't let the uncertainty steal your peace, because what you want also wants you!

What you want also wants you and it is waiting for you on the other side of the fear, uncertainty and inaction!

Just remember that everything you created was once a thought and an idea in your head and somehow you managed to turn it into reality.

Don't let the uncertainty steal your peace, because it is an illusion. It is not real, it is just resistance from your brain stopping you to move towards something it considers unsafe because it's not familiar with it!

I have seen this in so many of my clients and in myself, even for little things and it is mind-blowing when you start to recognise it.

What you want isn't just possible, it is inevitable and the fact that you are even asking yourself:'What do I want in my life' means that you are so clear on what you don't want anymore.

So, ride with the excitement of the uncertainty...Let go of the 'how' and focus on 'why' you want something different..and who you get to become during the process

'How' is not your responsibility. Leave that to the Universe!

Just focus on what you don't want anymore and why... what you want will become crystal clear...

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