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Episode 64 - 3 Things you can do to feel better in an instant

Today's episode is a very practical one.

I am going to give you a simple mind hack that will make you feel better in an instant once you have taken these 3 simple steps!

Mind hack- Your thoughts create your feelings. When you feel bad it means you are thinking bad thoughts and the chances are most of the time they are not even true. 

So next time you feel bad, do this instead:

1. Stop yourself to interrupt the pattern and ask what am I thinking right now?

2. Say what you are thinking out loud- this is when you will realise it is not true

3. Shift your attention to another thought that makes you happy- a great example is something that you are grateful for.

The more you practice this the quicker it will become automatic and you will essentially be teaching your brain to automatically think good thoughts!

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Go to and start living your life in gratitude right now!

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