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Episode 59 - How will you know you have inner peace? What does it even look like?

Welcome to the Inner peace series. In the next 5 episodes, we will be talking about Inner peace! 

What does it look like, and how do you know when you have it?

What steals your inner peace

Why is it important to find inner peace 

How do we find inner peace

Is it possible to find inner peace even in the world we live in today?

Today we are talking about how will you know when you have inner peace and what does it look like in real life?

Inner peace looks like when you can get back to sleep even when you wake up thinking about something, knowing that it will all be OK.

It looks like being able to smile even when things are going wrong in life.

It looks like knowing everything is working out, even when they are not seemingly working.

When you are late for a meeting at work because of someone cutting in front of you, instead of swearing and getting upset, having a deep sigh of relief and repeating to yourself- I am exactly where I need to be right now! You might find as you go past the junction there was a big pile up and if that car hadn’t cut in front of you to stop you at the light, you might have got involved in the pile-up yourself!

It might also look like...

Making decisions easily without having to ask so many others, but just trusting your gut!

Being able to have gratitude for what you already have even if it may not be so much right now.

Doing what makes you happy without worrying about what others might think of you

Taking personal responsibility for your own life instead of being a victim of your circumstances.


If you are serious about attracting what you want in life, make gratitude a part of your daily routine and watch amazing things happen...

Did you know that you can have

😍 A better mental and physical health

🤗 Enhanced compassion

😊 Feeling of calm and peace

😴 Better sleep 

😎 Improved self-esteem. 

just by making gratitude a habit?

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