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Episode 50 - How perfect do you really need to be before you believe you are?

The truth is, perfect doesn't exist. Your idea of perfect will be different to my idea of perfect.

If you are constantly trying to be perfect, all you are really doing is trying to prove your worthiness to the outside world- because deep down you don't believe that you are worthy and as a result no matter how hard you work, what job title you might have or how many possessions you acquire, you will never feel perfect. 

In fact, I worked with someone who felt exactly like this. This is her story:

“When I started, I felt restless, overwhelmed. I was exhausted, felt anxious and was overthinking my every move.

"I spent too much time on working and achieving and paying attention to other people’s thoughts and judgements, but didn’t realise this was draining me, and holding me back because I was leaving my own success to other people’s judgement!

I was working really hard to prove that I was good enough and worthy; I was waiting to be 100% sure, know everything or “perfect” before I started things.

I had forgotten to take care of myself!”

“No matter how much I achieve and what job title I have I will never feel good enough! I was seeking credibility, legitimacy and approval of others.”

I am so pleased to say after 8 weeks of intense transformational work, this is what she said:

 “Now, I feel at peace with myself. I found who I really am inside and it is liberating!”

I am not trying to fit the mould anymore!

I am myself!

Choosing to BE the person I am, forgetting people’s judgement or criticism, is bringing me closer to the legacy I want to leave to this world.

I know:

  • what I am feeling,
  • what I want,
  • what my values are,
  • what my boundaries are
  • and I have now the courage to express those to people around me.

 This transformation is possible for you too.

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Because you will:

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❤ Be able to Focus on your goal with confidence instead of being crippled by the fear that comes with it.

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