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Episode 49 - How much is your peace worth and how easily do you give your power away?

I am not available to get phased by life's little inconveniences!


We walked into school this morning and realised I forgot to make packed lunches!

So I had to go back, make and take them to school.😅

Before we left for school, I put my earphones in their little case in the glove compartment with my phone so I could listen to my book on my morning walk...

Opened the compartment: Picked up the phone but the red case with earphones is nowhere to be seen🙄 Just disappeared. 🤯-

I had my breakfast and a nice cup of tea whilst watching a nice webinar.

Then I came down to make my coffee... and realised the kettle stopped working🤦‍♀️🙄 . Thank Goodness we have a microwave, so I boiled the water in there instead!🥰


This is my last working day before my holiday 

I had all my day planned out...

and after a very productive day yesterday, despite the heat,

I was determined to get everything done...

The universe had other ideas obviously...

But I am not falling for it!

I am choosing to stay in my peace no matter what!

these are little things that can easily be solved.

They are not worth my energy to get worried or angry about

They definitely don't deserve to take my power away.

All is well and everything will work out!

I am choosing to stay in my power and get on with the rest of my day!

How many times did you give your power away to little things like these and lost control of the rest of your day?

How much is your inner peace worth to you?

You see, it is easy to give your power away to things you have no control over, or lost control over because you are too focused on other things...

It is not really a matter of controlling what goes on, but a matter of how you respond to situations when they arise and seeing what is it trying to tell you.

Everything is happening for you, not to you! When you see this, your life will be so much easier!

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🔎 Be able to Focus on your goal and not the fear that comes with it,

You might be thinking, "How will I know this will work for me?"

I know this will work for you when you do the work as all my clients will tell you.

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