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Episode 48 - Expectations -The no 1 cause of failure, fall outs and burn out!

The no 1 cause of all failure, fallouts and burnout is Expectation!

Expectations you put on yourself, the outcome and the other people!

It is not the work that causes you the burnout, but the expectation of the work to be done in a certain way by yourself and others, at a certain time (especially before holidays) and the outcome to turn out in a certain way. 

and if any of those deviate from the expectations you set, then you name it as a failure. it will cause fallout with your friends, family or colleagues, and it will almost certainly cause you to burn out again and again because you are too busy trying to meet an expectation that you inevitably neglect yourself!

I am sharing this episode from this time last year, which is one of our most listened to episodes again today before you switch off for the summer holidays!


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