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Episode 47 - What everyone sees vs what are you actually feeling inside?

"The cause is hidden and the effect is visible to all" Ovid 💥

How many of these do you experience being every single day?

😩 A short-tempered mum who snaps at everything your kids say

😩 A tired wife who pushes her husband away with neediness and constant bad mood

😩 A hard-working boss who checks emails every Sunday night just to make sure everything will be OK at work tomorrow

😩 A woman who crashes on the sofa with a glass (or two) of something each night, just to numb the thought of going through it all over again the next day.

😩 An ambitious woman who runs from one achievement/job title/project to the next.... just to feel worthy

😩 A person who is drained of every last bit of her energy from running on empty all day long with a big smile on her face 🎭


It is hidden even from you 😲

All you and others see are the effects

No one else sees the cause but you feel deeply inside:

It is that emptiness






All caused by not knowing your PURPOSE

Why YOU matter

How WORTHY you really are as a WHOLE BEING

This is why you constantly seek it outside of yourself,

from the approval of others,

The job titles, the achievements, the certificates...

Yet still, feel empty, unfulfilled!😔

I get it. I lived like this for 10 years!😢

You might not have 10 years!

Don't waste any more minutes of your precious life trying to do all the things to fill that gap!

Your purpose wants you.

It is waiting for you patiently and when you finally realise it EVERYTHING will fall into place!

But nothing will change for you until YOU DECIDE to change!

It is almost time to decide.

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