Episode 40 - Two Reasons Why You Constantly Fail to Be Happy!

You can be comfortable, and still be unhappy!

This is not another article I will be banging on about the comfort zone, because you probably heard enough of that!

This is about contentment, aka, good old happiness!

So, you might be comfortable in your job, in your home, in the external environment you are in and can still be unhappy!

You see, happiness is an inner state!

It doesn’t depend on external circumstances, even though most people believe, act and make it about that!

In fact, no external circumstance will result in happiness, until you decide to become happy on the inside first!

How many times did you say to yourself any of these or something similar…?

I will be happy when…

I finish my presentation

The kids grow up

All of this [lockdown, a launch, a significant event…} is over

I book my holiday

I have kids…

The list goes on.

Listen, happiness is not a destination (as cheesy as this sounds, it is true) but most of us treat it that way and this is why you one day, expect to arrive there…

This causes you to fail at being happy in 2 ways

  1. You constantly wait for a condition to be fulfilled before you can BE happy
  2. When you arrive at the condition and find yourself still NOT HAPPY, you get disappointed and become even more unhappy!

You can see now what a broken way of thinking this is, can you not?

It is not your fault though; this is what you have been conditioned to do from as early as age 3 (remember the when…then technique all the parenting gurus are teaching you?)!

You have been taught to have live conditionally- when I have this...then I can have that!

And whilst it might ‘work’ for your 3-year-old (for a short while), it is not a sustainable strategy for a happy life!

Because you will not be happy on the outside until you DECIDE to be happy on the inside.

NO matter how comfortable, successful, rich, famous [insert desire] you might be!

The good news is that when you are happy on the inside FIRST, all the other external conditions you have been hoping, wishing, and expecting to happen WILL actually happen much more easily.

Sometimes though, being comfortable but not content can be a good thing!

Because it shows you are becoming aware of a misalignment in your life and are on the verge of a breakthrough!


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