Episode 39 - Knowledge isn't power, it actually makes you powerless!

Hear me out before you think I am crazy!

I get why you think knowledge is power! This is the paradigm we all grew up with!

In fact, I spent 21 years of my life just studying to know all I could know about a given topic, and further 18 years in an environment where I could apply that knowledge.

But all that knowledge didn’t give me any power! In fact, it made me powerless, because after a while I made having certain amount of knowledge a measure of how good I was!

Which inevitably, I thought, that if I didn’t have enough knowledge, I was not good enough!

Not realising for years… that my value didn’t actually come from my knowledge (or lack of it) but it came from how courageous I was to apply and embody what already knew!

If you resonate with any of the above, then read on (and share this article with someone who would benefit from reading it)

Here are the 3 beliefs that is causing you to become powerless

  1. Knowledge = Power—WRONG!

You can have all the knowledge in the world about a specific topic or many topics, but if you don’t know your own value first, you will keep sitting on the side lines without sharing what you know with anyone! You won’t have the courage to apply, embody or share It with the world! Knowledge that is not shared and just rotting in your head and is worth NOTHING!

  1. Knowledge = Your Value—WRONG!

Because you determine your own value by how much you know, this becomes your reference point to compare yourself to others (most likely) who know more than you. So instead of celebrating and sharing what you know and standing in your own value, you constantly compare yourself to others and create a reason to de-value yourself. This becomes your daily (negative) self-talk that you are now immune to, and you don’t even realise how toxic it actually is (Try talking to your best friend the way you talk to yourself for half a day and see how long your friendship lasts).

  1. More Knowledge/Achievements = More Respect/Approval/Appreciation from others-WRONG!

This belief leads you to learn more, chase more titles, achievements… and before you know it, you are overwhelmed with all the learning you ‘have to’ do and constantly chasing your tail to keep up with the expectations you put on yourself. All in the name of getting the respect, approval and appreciation externally.

You give your power away to those who don’t appreciate you by getting angry, frustrated and end up working harder which keeps you in this broken cycle forever!

You probably already know where this leads to = burnout!

STOP it!

Like I said many times before, until you realise your own value because of who you are; courageously embody it and share your knowledge with the world as you are…

No amount of learning, knowledge, job title or external validation will give you the value, peace and fulfilment you are seeking.

Don’t take my word for it, see what one of my clients said after working with me:

Before I started coaching with Tülay, I was confused and losing focus.  I was struggling to accept that my priorities and identity had changed - I kept looking for the next challenge/qualification/ project/job without considering where these were leading, and how they supported my journey towards my ultimate goal - because I could not see that goal clearly. I was so focussed on the mechanics and ‘the how’ that I was losing sight of my vision

I now feel much calmer, content and at peace. I am clearer at laying down boundaries.  The biggest change is clarity of my goal and my commitment to it and accepting that the rest is just details. Also knowing that if I remain focused on my goal, the universe will provide, and that is where fulfilment actually lies - not the places I was looking in before.”

If you would like to hear more about this topic, head over to today’s podcast episode here.

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