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Hi there! My name is Tulay. I have passion and charisma, coupled with a bubbly personality and a natural confidence that brings influence and inspiration. I take great pride and joy in helping others to improve themselves and take control of their lives. Through my day job as a scientist, I have spent the last 9 years helping people grow and become happier and more confident individuals both professionally and personally. A year ago, my desire to help even more people and see them grow and flourish, became so strong that I took a leap of faith and became a life coaching practitioner. My depth of experience and expanded knowledge in coaching, combined with my passion and natural ability to help people, has fuelled me to be where I am today.
I believe in living life with a purpose, being true to who I really am and constantly growing as a person whilst authentically connecting with people. These are my core values. I am passionate about helping YOU to identify YOUR core values and find out WHO you truly are. This is the first step towards taking back control of your life and living it with more purpose and fulfilment.
If you are ready for your transformation, I am ready to help you get there.

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