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  • I will show up for 100% of my scheduled coaching calls;
  • In the unlikely event that I am unable to show up for my scheduled coaching call, I will provide no less than 24 hours’ notice to reschedule.
  • I acknowledge that the money-back guarantee associated with this program is only available for 90-days from the commencement of our working relationship.

I acknowledge that in order to qualify for the money-back guarantee I will have:

  • Asked for the refund within 90 days;
  • Attended 100% of my scheduled coaching calls;
  • Completed the homework prior to each call; and
  • If I have had to reschedule a session, I have provided you with at least 24 hours’ notice.

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Serenity Principles for Life 1:1 Transformational Coaching Programme

Click the button to join now and leave people-pleasing and perfectionism behind & become the heart-centred creator of your own life!

Only then you will...
  • Align with your purpose to find inner peace, joy and happiness in everything you do
  • Be able to create time for what is most important to you
  • Have a fulfilled life with balance and Serenity!
Only then you will...
  • Align with your purpose to find inner peace, joy and happiness in everything you do
  • Be able to create time for what is most important to you
  • Have a fulfilled life with balance and Serenity!

In just 8 weeks this programme will get you clear on

• What you want and WHY
• Your values and what is MOST important to you right now!
• The beliefs and habits that no longer serve you!
• The process to stop self-sabotage & become the person you need to be now

By the end of this programme, you will also BE
• Calm, happy, joyful and at peace
• Rested and present
• Aware of your own truth and value, and not care about the judgement of others
• Able to stop fighting for your limitations and get excited about possibilities

Here is how it works.:
This is an 8 Week Coaching Programme – Mastering the Serenity Principles for Life

Week 1 - Orientation Call - Discover where you are before we start
Evaluate where you are right now with the Life Balance Workbook. Truly discover what is working and what is not working. Pick an area to work on first.

Week 2 – What is stopping you to move forwards?
Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs. Only when you let go of the old beliefs, you can fly.

Week 3 – What is your vision?
Create a clear vision for the outcome you want. Without a vision, you will feel like a ship lost in the sea, going in any direction that the wind will take you.

Week 4 – What drives you?
Discover and work with your subconscious values and drivers. You are only committed to what you value in life. This week is a game-changer in how you make your decisions!

Week 5 – What is your subconscious Identity and how do you change it?
If you want to truly change your life, you have to start BEING the person you want to be NOW! This is when you start to learn how to re-programme your subconscious mind

Week 6 – What are your habits?
How are habits formed and how to change them? When you know your values and WHO you want to BE, the habits you want to have become CONSCIOUS and by repeating the right habits, we make them unconscious but useful (just like brushing your teeth)!

Week 7 – Commitment and Responsibility
What are you committed to going forward and how will you be responsible for delivering your commitments?

Week 8 - Wrap up call - Reflection on the journey so far and what is next for you!
Time to reflect, fully consider and discover what becomes possible for you when you let go of the old beliefs, the old way of living and the old identity you have been holding on to?

What you'll get:

✅ 8 x 60 Minutes 1:1 Coaching Call each week

✅ Lifetime access to the recording of all the calls

✅ Weekly written homework

✅ Guided visualisation audio for subconscious re-programming

✅ A Special Audio to help you let go of your limiting beliefs! NEW!

✅ BONUS Check-in call 1 month after you complete the programme

✅ Access to other external resources

✅ Lifetime access to any future updates to the materials taught

✅ 90-Day Money Back Guarantee*

*If you don't see any change in your thinking and in your results, 90 days after completing this programme you can ask for a refund provided that you show me that you did all the homework and show up for 100% of the calls! 



“My soul has officially returned back into my body. I'm just the happiest person in the world right now. When I spend extended times in nature, it brings me joy. Before I started coaching with Tülay I felt like I didn’t have the time or the energy to do the things that brought me joy. The stories I kept telling myself were holding me back and keeping me trapped. I felt like I had lost touch with who I was, what I was doing, and what my purpose was. I was in a soul-sucking job that made me miserable. In the second week of coaching with Tülay I left that job and now I just feel great. ‘I feel like nothing else matters now. The world is my oyster. I feel like I'm back to myself. When I finally got back the time to do what I wanted to do (being in nature) I reconnected with the things I love to do and that bring me joy. I dealt with health issues all my life and now that I changed my beliefs around that and back to my authentic self, I believe my healing is much more possible. I don't necessarily have a huge plan but I have a very clear vision and the creativity to realize that vision. Moving forward, I totally believe I can create whatever I want. My biggest realization was that I am the creator of my own life. Even though right now I am in an uncertain situation, I'm not afraid of the uncertainty of the future, it's just feels exciting because I know I can just sculpt whatever I want. I really appreciated Tülay’s ability to look at my stories and see through things and reflect it directly back at me in such a straight and honest way. I also appreciated her support during my time of need. I recommend Tülay’s coaching to anyone who needs the support to get out of their old stories and live a life of possibilities.”

Danielle Katz

“I went through life taking everything as it is and without thinking about why I have a problem with coping in different situations in both personal and professional life. I worked out defensive reflexes and behaving patterns that I clung to hoping that no one will uncover me. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that this, as I was hoping, great tactic blocked my development in all possible aspects. I was in a place where I thought I really had to change something to unblock my path to progress, but I didn’t even know what. I had booked to see a counselor to help give me some answers. Few months ago, I attended one meeting which helped me to turn things around. I had a project feedback meeting with Tulay and by asking me one question, she challenged me to think deeper into myself than I did in the last few years. She offered to help me and after just two sessions I was able to identify what has got in my way of progress in life and now I am working on strategies to overcome those to make a better life for myself. I even cancelled my counselling session. I already know a lot more about myself than ever before. I feel so much more confident in myself, my abilities and my appearance. This has been reflected in the way I conduct myself on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. My friends and work colleagues can see my transformation already (after just two sessions) and ask me what has changed. Change doesn’t come easily and is painful sometimes. I know that I am just at the beginning of this journey and there is a lot of work still to be done, but I am looking forward to the future and realizing my dreams with the support of Tulay as my life coach. I would encourage anyone who is ready for the change but scared to start to take on this journey with Tulay, because the rewards are worth the effort.”

Ewa Czarnecka